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Studienfahrt Jahrgang 12


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Dass wir aber in dieser Woche nicht nur unsere Englischkenntnisse verbessert haben, werdet ihr in den folgenden Zeilen sehen... aber überzeugt euch doch selbst und nehmt an dem Austausch, der auch im nächsten Jahr wieder angeboten wird, teil!

Saturday was the day, when we finally met our exchange partners again. We all were excited. After a really long trip by bus to Lübeck and from there after 2 hours delay by plane on to Stockholm-Skavsta, we finally arrived in Sweden. The flight was good and we had a funny time, just talking with each other, taking pictures or listening to some music. And Stockholm looked amazing from above, with thousands of lights!
We arrived really tired at Skavsta airport around 11.30 pm. From there we took another bus to Örebro – a two hours' drive through the Swedish forest.
Some listened to music or talked, but most of us fell asleep, when suddenly the bus driver stopped.
We all were thrown forwards; luckily we all had fastened our seatbelts when we got on the bus so now everybody was safe. A few of us saw how an animal was catapulted by the buy to the side of the street. We hit an elk!
After a while we were able to drive on. Everyone was awake and a little shocked now. Some time later we arrived at our destination, Engelska Skolan in Örebro, where our exchange families already waited impatiently for us. There was a great "hello", we hadn't seen each other for more than four months and we now met our host families for the first time. My family seemed really caring and nice, I felt welcome right away. Then we drove home. It was dark, so we couldn't really see anything, but what we saw was amazing. Everywhere were really high trees and big lakes. The parents were really curious about our life in Germany.
The perfect week could begin.
(Rebecca v. Appen)


Despite our late arrival that morning many of us got up early to go to "Boda Burg", a real-world gaming environment where you try to solve physical and mental puzzles and challenges. If you like stupidly crazy and difficult puzzles this is definitely something for you. The rest were able to sleep until 10 am. At breakfast many found themselves in front of a wooden knife and had no clue how to use it. Turns out it´s just a butter knife! A large part of those who didn´t go to Boda Burg went exploring Örebro, where they had lunch and went shopping. Örebro is a great city with lots of things to do and see like a mushroom shaped water tower, Örebro castle or just exploring the city´s various churches and shops. Surprisingly Media-Markt and Bauhaus also exist in Sweden. But one of us also went to the cinema in the evening. And guess what: in Swedish cinemas all the films are in English and have Swedish subtitles. And I thought Germany was strange.
(Daniel du Bovis)


The first day at school . We had lessons in mathematics, english and backing. We learned the swedish special recipe "Kanelbullar" (Zimtschnecken). Mhhhh!

Hiking! Yeah :|


After our bus had left at 9 o´clock in the morning and we had arrived in Ånnaboda at 10 o´clock we started wondering off into the forest. Fortunately, most of us had listened to our teachers and had put on good boots or Wellis because it was muddy as hell as soon as we were in the forest. As we were walking through the lovely autumn forest, tripping over roots and anxiously waiting for the next steep climb we made our way, slowly but surely, along the trodden path. Then we reached a large exposed area of rock ending in a cliff, with a beautiful view of Ånnaboda forest and lake. After that we made our way back to the beginning where we had a Barbeque at a wooden shack whose front side was made of glass facing the lake. According to the ritual of our teachers the German boys were head of the grill. So, while everybody ate the Hot Dogs we were preparing, we had to stand in a cloud of smoke, our eyes and lungs burning. But it was worth it: the Hot Dogs were great. We left arrived back in Örebro at 2 o´clock.
We had four hours before we all went to one of the guys from the exchange for a private party. There we played FIFA 12, Germany and Sweden and of course we (Germany) won.
(Daniel du Bovis)


On Wednesday we met at the train station of Örebro at 8.00am. We went by bus to Stockholm, which took about 2 1/2 hours.


After arriving in the Swedish capital, we took a short walk through the old town to the "Vasa" museum. The "Vasa" museum includes an old warship from the 17th century which was found in Stockholm harbor around 50 years ago. As it had already sunk on the maiden voyage, the ship was in a very good condition when it was recovered and could be restored to its old glory. We walked around the impressive battleship and after that we watched a little movie about the Vasa and its history. Next we walked to the zoo and open-air-museum "Skansen". There we had 1 1/2 hour to look around. We saw many old houses from the different regions of Sweden, some nordic animals and we had a great view of Stockholm which is a beautiful city. The animals were the most interesting thing! There were bears, reindeers, moose and wild cats. After that we took the ferry from Djurgarden back to the old city of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) which is very beautiful and interesting. There are a lot of little cute shops and cafés. At the end we had 2 hours of free time for shopping and other things we would like to do. This was a little bit too short but we managed it. At 6.00pm we took the bus back to Örebro. We were all very tired.

On Thursday it -surprise - rained! But we all were in a good mood, even when our Swedish friends had to attend classes and stay in school in the morning. So the German students met in the school, some came by bus, two came by train, most were driven by nice parents or walked. Together we went to the big castle in Örebro, where we had a guided tour.The building was really huge and inside there were many pictures of old kings and queens. It looked really romantic and a Swedish student told us, that last year they had a prom inside the castle. The most interesting thing was the dungeon.

At lunchtime we went back to school and had lunch in the school's cafeteria. We had scrambled eggs, salad, sausauges, potatoes and more. It was very tasty. After that we went to the open-air-museum "Wadköping". From there we started a quiz: We had to answer questions and walk around Wadköping and the city centre. It was really fun. After we finished we had two hours of free time. Some went to McDonalds, others to big sweetshops to buy souvenirs, or others (mostly the girls) went shopping in the four big malls in Örebro. The clothes shops were cheap and really big. And everywhere you can find electronic shops.
At 5 pm we met our exchange partners in Örebro. As it was our last evening together, we went bowling in the big bowling center in Örebro. We played for about an hour and it was really fun! We laughed hard and took many pictures. When we finished, we all went to a really nice restaurant in the city centre of Örebro. We all sat together and it was really cosy. We had a great time and the food was awesome. Eventually, all the students went to Joel, a Swedish exchange partner. Next to his house, there was a huge house, which rather looked like a party building. We had to walk through the dark and it was really frightening, also because the boys found it funny to hide and then jump out of the shrubbery to frighten us! After 20 minutes we arrived. There was a table with food and a huge television and on the second floor there was a table tennis table. Some watched TV, others went outside and played soccer or played table tennis. Some fell in love and enjoyed the time together, we all fell in love with Sweden. We had a great time and were really sad, as we drove home the next day.
Most of us nearly talked the whole night with their Swedish families. We fell asleep really late.
(Rebecca v. Appen)

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